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Excess Owners Stories – Giovanni C

If you're wondering how Giovanni got into the world of boating, the answer is simple: it's a family affair. In fact, Giovanni learned to sail with his parents starting at an early age, hoisting the sails and handling the tiller, all in the sunshine. In short, he had all the secrets of how to become a real sailor.

After years without a boat, this former monohull racing sailor decided to buy his very first Excess in 2021: The Excess 11 RÊVE.

“It was the perfect compromise. I love both the profile and the “hybrid” concept, halfway between a traditional monohull and a very cruisey catamaran such as a Lagoon”, says Giovanni.

Our sailor’s Excess 11 is no ordinary catamaran, however. He’s made sure of that. Between solar panels, LED lights in the cockpit and a PC chartplotter, he's built himself a boat made to measure. Because that’s what Excess is all about: the possibility of creating the boat of your dreams, your flawless ally that will take you to all four corners of the world.

So, what's your next destination?

At Excess, we're not just all about seasoned sailors. We’d also like to hear about the odysseys you experience at sea. So, it's your turn to dazzle us now!

Watch Giovanni's full interview below.

Giovanni's full interview


  • Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your sailing experience?

I started sailing with my parents when I was a kid.

Back in the 80s, I did a lot of monohull racing, with a 46-foot Sparkman & Stephens SMACK, then a 54-foot Niels Jeppesen Luffe designed for fast cruising (1992), and finally a 72-foot aluminum Finot-Conq built in Concarneau for JFA.

Having spent years without a boat, I bought the Excess 11 REVE in 2021.


  • Why did you choose the Excess 11?

It was the perfect compromise.

I'm not so young anymore and I was looking for a boat that was easy to handle, comfortable and fast in little wind.

I like its profile and the hybrid concept, halfway between a traditional monohull and a “too-cruisey” Lagoon catamaran.

The Excess 11 is a good-looking boat with a seductive profile that encompasses some interesting technical concepts.

A straightforward interior without too many frills.

It's easy to maneuver and is great to sail with the wind on the beam


  • Why did you switch from a monohull to a multihull?

As I said earlier:

Comfort and ease of use, and no more water on deck... The ladies prefer a boat that doesn't heel! 


  • You've made a lot of modifications to your Excess. Can you tell us what they were and who made them?

I tried to make the boat as self-sufficient as possible.

As it was a demo boat and therefore complete, I added a number of options:

a 50 l watermaker,

- a 6 kW generator,

- 4 x 120 W solar panels,

- a chartplotter PC in the dinette + Wi-Fi internet network and NMEA data,

- 16,000 BTU air conditioning in dinette and main cabin,

- 25 kg ROCNA anchor,

- teak for the cockpit sole + steps + exterior table,

- LED lights in the cockpit.

- I also replaced the roof canvas with a stronger material,

- the oven with a dishwasher,

- the gas hob by an induction one,

- the dinghy outboard motor was replaced by a Yamaha 15 hp.

The work was carried out by specialized technicians at Marina di Varazze.



  • Why did you do these modifications?

Two main reasons: to make the boat self-sufficient in terms of energy and water, and to make it more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable.

Not forgetting the safety of navigation enhanced by computer systems.


  • Can you tell us about your cruising on your Excess 11?

The first year, in 2021, I went to Croatia. Then I sailed around Italy to take the boat to Liguria.

Last year it was Corsica and the islands - the Côte d'Azur and Porquerolles this summer.