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#ExcessTalks - The performance/comfort ratio

Let the Excess Talks begin!

The Excess brand is offering you a series of technical videos on sailing catamarans, produced in partnership with Yachting Art magazine. These will allow you to better understand the design, skills and specificities of the Excess catamarans.

For this first subject, Nicolas Venance, journalist from Yachting Art, talks to Marc Guillemot, famous ocean racing sailor (Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum, 60-foot Imoca) and Bruno Belmont, Product Design Manager at Excess.

Join their conversation and discover how Excess successfully combines comfort and performance!


Excess Talks in French

Excess Talks in English

While the competition are choosing between sportiness and comfort, Excess is betting on both! Bruno Belmont explains how the architects of Excess catamarans managed to optimize seakeeping, without sacrificing any of the quality of life on board.

Excess performance

Today's sailors are becoming ever more demanding. Excess offers a catamaran that can go fast and far, but above all a catamaran that allows you to rediscover real sailing sensations (like aboard a monohull, or almost!)

The main factors in the design of Excess sailing catamarans are: sensations and simplicity.

  • Sensations, because aboard an Excess catamaran you will find the quest for speed, the pleasure of helming, and of seeing the sails, of playing with the wind: all this with access to sail trimming maneuvers without having to move from the helm station!
  • Simplicity, because at Excess we believe everyone has the right to enjoy the pleasure of sailing! The brand's desire is to make its yachts accessible to all sailors. To achieve this, the naval architects at VPLP design have created simple sailing features, for practical and easy maneuvers. The choice of twin helm stations at the stern is not only very useful for handling the boat but also means that you’re not isolated while at the helm. The helmsman can still find out about the lunch menu while remaining at the helm: a real plus!  

A full-comfort catamaran

So you can see, Excess catamarans make no compromises. As Marc Guillemot points out, at sea, it's not just performance that counts!

The pleasure of sailing is also about being aboard a spacious, beautiful and ergonomic catamaran!

On an Excess 11, an Excess 12 or an Excess 15, you can enjoy life aboard with simple pleasures: handling your catamaran right there, just next to your friends, reducing sail or heaving a line, taking advantage of an anchorage thanks to the comforts of layout, both exterior and interior...

As you can see, Excess has managed to find the perfect balance between harmony on board and exhilarating sailing!

Don't miss:

 August 28th 2020 at 6pm (French time = UTC+2) will be the final episode of Excess Talks Live!

Meet Bruno Belmont, Excess Product Design Manager and Vincent Lauriot Prévost from VPLP design, the world leader in naval architecture for cruising and racing multihulls.

To attend, register by clicking here and we will send you a link for the Live broadcast.

See you soon for more Excess talks!