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#ExcessTalks – Choosing sails!

Excess Talks continue!  
The Excess brand is offering a series of technical videos on sailing catamarans, produced in partnership with Yachting Art magazine. These will allow you to better understand the design, the capabilities and the specificities of Excess catamarans.
For this second edition of the Excess Talks, Nicolas Venance, journalist from Yachting Art, interviews Bruno Belmont, Product Design Manager at Excess and Stéphane Delanoë, Key Account Product Manager at Incidence Sails. 
In the program, the catamaran builder and the sailmaker explain their partnership and their choices for the sails on Excess catamaran models. See their discussion here:  

On a boat, the choice of sails is critical! To envisage, design and create the sails for Excess catamarans, we needed to meet the precise specifications of the new Groupe Beneteau brand. 

High-performance catamaran sails 
Bruno Belmont explains that he wanted sails that would allow Excess catamarans to be mid-way between sportiness and cruising. To do this, the teams at Incidence Sails suggested high-performance sails, with an in-depth study of the triangulations and the shape of the sail. In woven sailcloth, and not membrane, the sails on Excess boats will be more durable over time, will be easily repaired, and be very simple to maintain. The manufacturer has gone even further by offering - as an option - on its sailing catamarans, a Pulse Line finish. This option offers a larger, pro-radial sail - a daring choice for optimum sailing sensations!  

A sailplan that doesn’t go unnoticed!
The brand also wanted to focus on the aesthetic aspects of the Excess sailplan, with grey sails and orange anti-UV strips! And so, Excess catamarans can be easily spotted out on the water. Their colors are reminiscent of racing sails and highlight the sporty and fun character of Excess yachts!

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The latest Excess Talks Live episode, coming late summer! 
Meet Bruno Belmont, Excess Product Design Manager and Vincent Lauriot Prévost from VPLP design, the world’s leading naval architects in cruising and racing multihulls. 
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See you soon for more Excess Talks!