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Excess Owners Stories – André

“One day, I was looking at a catamaran,” and I said to myself, “Well, why not?” It was with this innocuous thought that André set off on his voyage around the world. One look at a catamaran was enough to satisfy that certain “Je ne sais quoi” that was missing from his life: ADVENTURE.

André works in technology development, so has a sharp eye and an expectation of excellence. And when he decided to buy his very first catamaran, an Excess 11, the specifications were more than met. Clearly, as André has now gone all out and just bought himself a larger catamaran, the Excess 14. 

“I was seduced by the performance of the Excess range,” André tells us.

From the Great Lakes of Canada, via Guadeloupe to the Bahamas, André has dropped anchor in every corner of the globe. What he loves most of all is cruising with friends and family, enjoying a coffee with his toes in the water or feeling that sense of completeness sitting on the foredeck watching the sunset.

But don't get me wrong, the Excess isn’t a pleasure boat for lounging around in the sun.

Following the purchase of his Excess 11, our thrill-seeker got himself an e-foil for using at anchor. It’s an electric surfboard that can be piloted using a wireless remote control. “It's very physical, but the sensations are incredible,” he confirms.

You can read about our owners experiences on our website in the Excess Tribe section. And if, like them, you fancy sharing stories of your thrills and memories aboard an Excess, drop us an e-mail:

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