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The first Excess 11 in China!

In China on June 14th, the fine weather wasn't the only indicator of a good day. As an anniversary, it was the day Norway granted women the right to vote, back in 1907. But we were making history in our own way. You may or may not have guessed it, but we're talking about the launch of the Excess 11 in China.

Our favorite catamaran was greeted by a festive atmosphere, with a crowd fired up by the event organized by Vastar Yachts. And understandably so, as this was not only the launch of the Excess 11, but also our first catamaran in Chinese waters. The event was attended by sailing enthusiasts, boating journalists and our Sales Director, Guillaume ANDREBE.

“We are delighted to be here witnessing this great moment as the first Excess 11 in China sails magnificently in the waters of Hainan. It is here that most Chinese yachts are registered, making it a barometer of the country's yachting industry. The Excess 11 offers the space and comfort that only a multihull can provide, while bringing all the sailing pleasure of a monohull. We're delighted that Vastar Yachts is introducing the Excess brand to the Chinese market, and that this model is already proving to be a big hit with Chinese customers!” reveals Guillaume.

Enough said! We'll let you enjoy the video below.

And if even after this you're still thirsty for adventure, we'll be taking you to French Polynesia very soon...stay tuned!

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