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Excess owners heading transatlantic!

If you are in the middle of the Atlantic, open your eyes wide, you might see an Excess catamaran! Distinctive signs: a racy and smart hull, orange and grey sails that are instantly recognizable and a beautiful crew with smiles on their faces!


In short, you’ll have understood that the Excess teams are very proud to announce that a new Excess catamaran was on the startline of the ARC this year!


It is the Excess 11 named Bombarda. On board we find the owners: Marco and Lizzy and their two recruits assisting them in this passage across the Atlantic.


If you’re wondering what’s going through the minds of ARC participants, we caught up with Marco and Lizzy just two days before departure:

This is the second time that an Excess catamaran has taken part in the rally! Last year, it was the BINX team aboard their Excess 15: rediscover their adventure by clicking here.