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5th place in the ARC for BINX!

We are delighted and proud (very proud) to announce that the crew of BINX, an Excess 15 has won 5th place in the 2020 ARC! But in truth for the teams at Excess, it holds the number 1 spot. Read on to find out why.

First of all, the Excess teams would like to warmly congratulate the amateur crew aboard BINX on their performance. Well done gentlemen! We hope that the crossing was enjoyable, fun, thrilling, and an experience to be repeated of course!


Want to know why BINX is number 1 for Excess?

BINX is the first Excess 15 to have crossed the Atlantic, it is also the very first Excess catamaran to have participated in the ARC; but above all, it was the first cruising catamaran, from this 2020 edition, to have arrived on the other side of the ocean! Indeed, the first 4 catamarans ahead of it were boats resolutely focused on performance and speed. And finally, BINX finished this rally in front of many brands of cruising catamarans well-known to the general public. So you will have understood, dear BINX crew, you are definitely our number 1!

Emotion is strong at Excess. We’ve been able to witness the very first transatlantic crossing by an Excess 15! Seeing our catamarans make their debut and sail the seas of the world is the most beautiful of rewards.

If you too are sailing around the globe aboard your Excess, find us on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to share with us your projects, your successes, your exploits and your moments of happiness aboard Excess catamarans!