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Discover the Pulse Line pack

Excess is synonymous with sensation, fun and above all the pleasure of sailing. Sailboats in line with the lifestyles of new sailors. The Pulse Line pack has been developed for all sailors looking for performance. For even more fun at the helm, this pack is available across the entire Excess range: Excess 11, Excess 12, Excess 15.

The pack comprises 7 or 8 elements:

  1. A taller rig, with greater sail area.
  2. A square-topped mainsail and self-tacking jib in Pro Radial/tri-radial cut in gray.
  3. The boat is equipped with deck hardware to port, a spinnaker pole and a code 0 (or spi) furler.
  4. A flying barber hauler to control or further increase the performance of the mainsail.
  5. Guardwires in gray and orange fiber, by Lancelin.
  6. Bright orange composite steering wheels, by Carbonautica.
  7. Pulse Line hull decoration, designed by Isabelle Keller.
  8. For the Excess 12 only: the addition of a 3rd reef in the mainsail. This improves the boat's performance upwind in strong winds by making it easier to adapt the sail area to the weather conditions, helping you find the right sail balance.  In addition, a third reef improves the comfort on board when under way.

But what does all this mean in practice?

  • Cutting the engines more quickly (from 5 knots) and getting under sail immediately.
  • Opting for faster sailing, get more speed under sail.
  • Playing with your boat: trimming the sails, testing its behavior, feeling the responsiveness of the boat.
  • Giving your catamaran a decisively “racing” look: hull decoration, orange steering wheels, gray sails …

Does the Pulse Line pack appeal to you? Configure the Excess catamaran of your dreams and get a quote online, the choice is yours!