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Discover Seanapps, the new on-board connectivity system for Excess catamarans

The Beneteau Group has chosen Seanapps to provide connectivity for all its boats Since 2022, the Excess catamarans have been part of this connected adventure!
Seanapps aims to transform the sailing experience by providing Excess owners with unique connectivity features to ensure optimum navigation and management of their fleet, both on board and remotely.

Thanks to a module installed on board and a mobile application, Excess owners can now retrieve all their boat's information directly from their smartphone. Seanapps allows you to monitor the state of your boat remotely, receive alerts in real time, receive maintenance recommendations and much more.

For a better understanding of the benefits of this system, we suggest you watch this exclusive video interview in which Xavier Tissier, the Seanapps Marketing Director, takes us behind the scenes of the installation of the sensors on board the Excess catamarans, as well as the key features of the mobile interface.

With Seanapps, the future of boating is more connected than ever!

To discover more about Seanapps, please click here: Seanapps | Connected boat: automated monitoring and maintenance