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Your round-the-world trip on board an Excess!

We all know that sailing around the world is the ultimate dream for many sailors. But making this dream come true can be challenging with its significant constraints.

This new adventure conceived by Dream Yacht, the world yacht charter leader, on board our Excess catamarans will be launched in the next few days. Our partner's aim is to make your round-the-world dream more accessible than ever, by offering an exclusive management programme for your Excess.

During the Multihull Boat Show 2024 at La Grande Motte, Nicolas Venance (ActuNautique) discussed the project with Florentin Le Noxaïc from Dream Yacht and Thibaut de Montvalon, in order to provide you with the first exclusive information on this upcoming programme.

Click here for more information on this new programme!

We will now leave you in the hands of Nicolas, Florentin and Thibaut.