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You can now become the co-owner of an Excess!

Becoming the co-owner of an Excess catamaran is now possible in Australia!

At Excess, we are committed to being innovative at every stage in the creation of our catamarans, we’re delighted to present you a new opportunity to become the owner of an Excess catamaran.

Have you ever owned a boat, but don't want to be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep? You don't have enough spare time and you want to maximize your leisure time?

Investing in a boat may be just the thing for you! In Australia, JO Boating, launched by our dealer in Flagstaff, gives you the opportunity to join a boat syndicate and share ownership.

The goal of JO Boating is to take the hassle out of boat ownership so you can simply enjoy all the benefits of boating.

Find out more about this new way of investing on the JO Boating website.


Photo copyright : Sailing Tahiti