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The latest newcomer to join the Tribe!

For those who wish to work on all the seas of the globe, and for those who dream of sailing on board boats with character, we can turn your projects into reality!

Imagine a catamaran in between the Excess 11 and Excess 14, a model that perfectly embodies the bold, assertive spirit of the brand. This challenge begins with the selection of a new team of architectural and design innovators: the Lombard (MLYGD) firm for the naval architecture and Jean Marc Piaton for the interior design.

This brand new model will perpetuate the character of the range, created with the VPLP design agency and Patrick Le Quément for the first generation of Excess catamarans. The Excess Design Team, supported by the architectural expertise of Lombard (MLYDG), is developing the innovative and dynamic second generation of Excess catamarans. The naval architect Eric Levet is committed to enhancing the brand's strengths by designing a catamaran that is progressive, balanced, robust and comfortable. From the design of the floats to the interior layout, everything has been carefully conceived for an exceptional sailing experience.

Design expert Jean-Marc Piaton talks about a fascinating source of inspiration for the design conception. He said he had been impressed by the positive and clear opinions of a range of people interviewed, from internal staff to dealers, owners and charterers.

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Stay connected! In a few months' time, we'll be unveiling the name of this latest model, as well as the 3D views!