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Having an Excess catamaran in co-ownership: You can do it!

Because here at Excess we’re so keen to support tomorrow’s trends, we’d like to present you a new way of buying a catamaran!

We have teamed up with Liberty Pass to offer you the opportunity to acquire an Excess catamaran in co-ownership.


What does this involve?


You’ll have year-round access to a selection of multihulls from 30 to 60 feet, including  Excess catamarans, that are always ready to set sail for that ultimate thrill. The number of people sharing ownership of a boat with you is very limited, allowing you to access a high availability of the catamaran for your trips out or for going cruising. You’ll be able to head offshore with peace of mind, when you feel like it, without having to worry about maintenance, upkeep and so on. You can enjoy the boat to the full without having to deal with all the inconveniences of fulltime ownership!

What’s more, this new way of boating is often much cheaper than leasing a boat. So don't hesitate to contact Liberty Pass if you’re interested in sharing ownership of an Excess catamaran!

Our dealers Flagstaff Marine have also created their own shared ownership solution: Jo Boating. Click here to find out more.