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Smart and Seaworthy Living the sea aboard Excess

Sailing just like a monohull

Feel the water at the helm and experience a new kind of navigation on a catamaran with a taller rig and expanded sail area. Simply choose the Excess Pulse Line pack!

Sailing just like a monohull

Excess Lab

What if a brand could offer you a seat at the table to join their Product Development Team? Excess Catamarans is leading the way of enriching the boating experience through new interactions. Join the Excess Lab!

Excess Lab

The comfort of a multihull

Discover our unique layouts, designed with exceptional living spaces and remarkable levels of comfort, so you can experience all the pleasures of a true cruising lifestyle.

The comfort of a multihull

Monohull or catamaran ? "For us, Excess is really the best of both worlds"

Marco & Lizzy – Excess 11 – Bombarda

Entrepreneurs in their thirties, originally from Amsterdam, who decided to set off for a year cruising the oceans.

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From 353 200

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  • 6 to 12 Sleeps

  • 11,42 m / 37'5'' Overall length

  • 6,59 m / 21'7'' Overall width


From 382 300

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  • 6 to 12 Sleeps

  • 11,8 m / 38'7'' Overall length

  • 6,73 m / 22’1’’ Overall width


From 546 000

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  • 6 to 12 Sleeps

  • 13.97 to 15.99 m | 45’9’’ to 52’5’’ Overall length

  • 7.87 m | 25’9’’ Overall width


From 819 900

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  • 6 to 14 Sleeps

  • 14.84 m / 48'7'' Overall length

  • 8,03 m / 26’4” Overall width

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