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Dive into the fun and refreshing world of Excess catamarans! Seek Sensations !

You no longer want to choose between the sensations you get under sail and comfort? Discover a range of sailing catamarans that will meet your expectations. Our multihulls with their sleek lines are the answer to all your desires for dynamic sailing as well as your dream of going around the world!

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Hereiti and Manutea

"Customers love the aft helm position for the sensations, it's different from other catamarans! "

Hereiti and Manutea - EXCESS 11

Hinatea & Tristan

"In Tahiti, there are children who have never seen the sea, and we'd like to take them sailing. It's part of one of our projects with the Excess 11".

Hinatea & Tristan - EXCESS 11

Ned and Misala

"I like this boat because it's fun, it's fast and it also allows you to cruise, so it's a good mix between cruising and fast sailing."

Ned and Misala - EXCESS 11

Cathy and John B - Excess Campus

"You learn lots of things. And then meeting and sharing with the other owners... So far, it's been great!"

Cathy and John B - Excess Campus - EXCESS 14

Jeff B

"I found that sailing was both relaxing and stimulating, as well as a good escape from the stress of my profession. »

Jeff B - EXCESS 11

Hiroshi H

"What I’m going to say seems to be kind of ridiculous because I’ve just got a brand new Excess 15, but in my mind I have already started thinking about my next dream boat.
In six years from now, when I become a seventy year old man – if I’m alive still – Excess 17, with the Torqeedo solution."

Hiroshi H - EXCESS 15

Tony & Heather

“When the Excess 14 first came out, it seemed almost perfect. The main advantages of this catamaran are its perfect size for two people, and its ease of sailing. With the boom being low, it’s easy to handle.”

Tony & Heather - EXCESS 14

Jeniffer and Cédric

“We loved the family atmosphere. Excess is like one great big family to us, and we're really glad to be part of it! They're always there to listen to us and advise us.”

Jeniffer and Cédric - EXCESS 14

Giovanni C

“I love both the profile and the “hybrid” concept, halfway between a traditional monohull and a very cruisey catamaran such as a Lagoon. It's comfortable and easy to sail, with no more water on deck... And ladies prefer a boat that doesn’t heel!”

Giovanni C - EXCESS 11

André G

“I've been seduced by the performance of the Excess range, and that’s really why I've just bought an Excess 14, which for me is the ideal compromise. For me, with my sailing experience, it’s interior space and habitability, it meets all my expectations!”

André G - EXCESS 11

Marco and Lizzy

“We spent exactly 365 days onboard of our Excess 11 in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean and loved the combination of comfort and sailing performance. We never imagined that taking showers or cooking while crossing an ocean would be so much fun!”

Marco and Lizzy - EXCESS 11

Marion and Arthur

“In our opinion, this is the perfect compromise between comfort under way and at anchor, and great sailing sensations with performance that frequently impresses us! It sails very well upwind as well as in light airs. From 7 knots of apparent wind, we move faster under sail than under motor. We don't regret our choice one bit, and enjoy every day spent on board our Silène.”

Marion and Arthur - EXCESS 11

Franck D

" - About the Excess Factory Tour - A thousand thank-yous for a wonderful day on Saturday. We really enjoyed taking part. The tour of the premises, with perfect commentary, was very interesting and informative. Thank you also for allowing me to see a preview of my own boat. "

Franck D

Tim G

“Yes, we were very impressed with the Excess 14. Each year, we teach hundreds of students how to sail on all the latest catamarans in production, from Fountaine Pajot, to Bali, Nautitech, etc..."

Tim G - EXCESS 14

J. Yu

"The boat was really light and fast, the mainsail is laregerand easier to operate. The sails can be hoisted and lowered very quicly... The self-tacking of the foresail, ma,ny catamarans don't have this. This one is especially good for leisure sailing, family outing, for the begginers starters... First of all, it's covenient. That's impportant, it's easy to maneuver, it's easy to get started."

J. Yu - EXCESS 11

An assertive personality, a bold style and unique qualities Discover Excess


Excess is the Beneteau Group's brand of catamarans with a fun and refreshing character. The yearning to put to sea is now taking on new desires and new needs. It was starting from this observation that we envisaged our catamarans. Our brand invites you to enjoy the pleasure of being under sail with your tribe and living new adventures at sea.

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