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The Excess 14 nominated for European Yacht of the Year (EYOTY) 2023

Everyone on the Excess team is delighted to announce that the Excess 14 has been nominated for the European Yacht of the Year, taking place from October 17 to 20, 2022. During this time, a panel of judges, comprised of 12 journalists from European sailing magazines, will have the pleasure of testing our new boat.

This panel will elect the best sailboat marketed in Europe: the Excess 14. Already having all the qualities required to win the prize, we have full confidence in its ability to win the EYOTY. Indeed, this catamaran is the pure incarnation of Excess DNA: a cruising sailboat that is both fun and playful, with taut lines, for enjoying real sailing sensations, without ever forgetting comfort on board.

While waiting for their deliberations and the award ceremony which is due to take place at the Düsseldorf boat show in January 2023, we’ll let you discover the Excess 14 in pictures!

See you very soon at our forthcoming events.