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Report from the first Excess 11 owner!

Recently launched on the sailing catamaran market, our Excess 11 model has won over today's captains.

The very first Excess 11 will see French couple Didier and Evelyne as her crew. ActuNautic is sharing with you the reasons that led two big fans of high performance monohulls to choose this catamaran.

Initially, these sailors hadn’t intended to set off on a cruising catamaran. Nevertheless, thanks to Excess, they have found a compromise of choice. The Excess 11 is a safe boat, easy to handle and capable of sailing long distances, thanks to great self-sufficiency. And included are awesome sensations at an affordable price!

From a sports point of view, Didier recounts that the Excess 11 is an enjoyable boat under sail. He has rediscovered a very responsive helming sensation, just like on a monohull. He also appreciates being able to play with the wind aboard his catamaran, feel the speed and use his racing reflexes!

Didier has also been convinced by the sail handling maneuvers concentrated together at the stern, allowing him to sail and still enjoy the company of his loved ones, sharing precious moments with his family. Choosing a catamaran is also about ensuring optimum living comfort, for the skipper/owner as well as for those around him.

The sporty look, the comfortable spaces, the modern equipment and the harmony that reigns aboard this yacht ultimately won over these monohull sailors, who will be sailing aboard their Excess 11 by September.