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the excess 11 catamaran delivery to excess challenge winner

Launching a brand is not something that everyone can do. That's why at Excess, we've pulled out all the stops! The official launch of Excess, and the announcement of the winners of the Excess Challenge took place during the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Visitors were able to discover the Excess 12 and Excess 15 catamarans and enjoyed many surprises throughout the week-long show! A big thank you to all the visitors and to the Internet surfers who followed the event!

As you know, at birth, boats need a mother and a father, but to ensure the happiest of days, they need above all a godmother or godfather. This is a big maritime tradition here in France, and we found just the right person! Someone who could be the ideal owner, and who has the same values as the brand: Belgian Thomas de Dorlodot! A sailor and professional paraglider, Thomas accompanied us throughout the evening to meet visitors and keep them informed via Instagram! All this by sharing with us his plans for sailing to the most beautiful paragliding spots in the world.


To officially introduce the two new boats, the Excess team put on an Immoderate launch party! The opportunity to share a moment of relaxation and celebration with the brand's teams. And above all, the opportunity to discover the great winners of the Excess Challenge! After several months of the virtual record, one of the online skippers was drawn to win an Excess 11 catamaran!

Drum roll please...

Today we’re congratulating Alex Boronat, winner of the Excess Challenge! An unexpected opportunity for this watersports and kite-surfing enthusiast! Definitely for him, Friday the 13th was a lucky day!

A fully-crewed team also managed to make it through and take the lead in the team ranking. This was the friends of the Gazo team who won victory in this part of the challenge! After performing well in their virtual sailing, they’ll now be able to enjoy a cruise together in the real world!


Congratulations to all the winners of the Excess challenge. We hope that everyone who took part enjoyed their sailing on their virtual waters.

Excess is continuing her launch tour, so can be seen at Southampton, La Rochelle, Genoa, Annapolis… come along and meet us!

Excess Photos © David Malacrida