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Final leg of the Excess Tour!

The final leg of the Mediterranean Excess Tour is now complete. From the coast of Spain across to the shores of Italy, our skipper Inès has taken us aboard with her on the Excess 14. The pace has been intense, but that hasn't prevented her having a smile on her face! She also gives us her overall impressions from the Excess Tour, which has taken place over the course of a few months.

PS: Get your handkerchiefs out...


A trip across the Mediterranean

With the two major delivery legs completed, the Excess Tour program will now transform into a winter coastal tour of the Mediterranean through mid-March. From Barcelona to Rome, I'll be making a series of appointments for customer seatrials on the coast, and the 24/48-hour hops under sail will mean I get to choose the most suitable weather windows.

For a trip of up to 24 hours, I sail solo. It's an exercise I really enjoy, if it remains just occasionally, because for me the sea is above all about sharing. Nevertheless, I like such occasions because there's something quite powerful about them, like the feeling of immense independence or the concentration and anticipation they require. Ultimately, there's the personal satisfaction that comes with getting there, as if there were a little challenge in the exercise!

For the other legs, the Excess team, friends and faithful crewmates accompany me. There's always something about meeting people at sea that makes it different. Masks come off and a special sincerity is expressed...

Welcomed at every port by curious and enthusiastic dealers, the seatrials have been a great success, with the Excess 14 proving itself on many points: ideal for solo sailing, fast and responsive. Having spent three months on board, I can also say that this boat is a pleasure to live on!

In short, I may have been in this business for 10 years, but the wealth of encounters with others, the beauty that you find at sea, and the lessons I learn never seem to diminish. Thank you to the Excess team for this umpteenth opportunity to live passionately, and for your confidence in me. (Thanks Inès)


To be continued…

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