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Excess Tour – Esprit Mer & Blue Wave

Our Esprit Mer & Blue Wave distributors have set the bar high! From 23 to 26 November in Toulon's old port, they joined forces to organise a very special 4-day Excess Tour, offering a range of workshops focussed on the Excess 11 and Excess 14 .



-Sea trials on Excess 11 and/or Excess 14.

-Manoeuvres in the harbour.

-Workshops conducted by Esprit Mer & Blue Wave experts on topics such as :

  • Preparing for the Big Trip
  • Fiscal aspects and project optimisation
  • Leasing management
  • Energy on board
  • Mechanics and tooling
  • Sails and rigging
  • Logistics ( food supply and first aid kit)

Every lunchtime, an aperitif/lunch was organised at the concession to share and exchange ideas.


Some 22 customers turned out to take part in this new Excess Tour event.

These workshops are intended to help you and the whole Excess tribe master the basics of sailing an Excess catamaran. At Excess, we believe that our strength lies in our community, and we want to provide daily experiences that reflect this strong identity.


The entire Excess team would like to congratulate Esprit Mer & Blue Wave, who have risen to this challenge with passion!

We are told that this is just the beginning! Eric Laban, Chairman of Esprit Mer, and Florian Alibert, Associate Director of Blue Wave, aim to organise an Excess Tour every 6 months, with many new workshops!


you wish to take part in an Excess Tour, contact your nearest dealer. New dates are coming up for 2024.