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Excess Lab: your opinion counts!

What sailor hasn’t dreamed of pushing open the doors of a shipyard, talking to the naval architects and product development teams, submitting ideas for improvement and collaborating on the construction of future models?

The Excess Lab is the first worldwide community to be created between a shipyard and sailing enthusiasts, with the aim of sharing their know-how and passion, to ultimately co-construct the catamarans of tomorrow.


How do you join the Excess Lab?

Excess Lab is a digital platform available directly on our website. You can discover it by clicking here.

Create your own account and discover technical articles, questionnaires asking for your opinion and expertise, as well as the possibility to submit topics that you would like to discuss with our teams.


Who makes up the Excess Lab team?

At Excess, we are passionate boaters, cruising sailors and ocean racers. We know that the most valuable feedback comes from those who live their passion and spend time on their boat. We believe that putting you in touch with our team of professionals will be a rewarding experience both for you and for us.

Come along and meet us!


What is the first topic in the Excess Lab?

The first topic is going to be the choice of a self-tacking jib or an overlapping genoa. Find out the pros and cons of each and share your opinion with us!

Give your answers to the first Excess Lab questionnaire.


You want to have a hand in the design of tomorrow's Excess catamarans? Join us in the Excess Lab!