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Book your Excess for this summer !

For those who want the thrill without giving up comfort, whether it be a simple cruise or a round the world trip, book your Excess now. Set sail as a duo, with family or friends and discover a new way of sailing!

The Excess 11

The Excess 11 is a dynamic sailing catamaran, which does not make any compromises on comfort or space, essential for enjoyable cruising. It is the perfect fusion of the Excess spirit: a versatile, comfortable catamaran with a generous sail plan for maximum sensations at the helm.

Available in 3 or 4 cabin versions, find out more about this catamaran here. You can also take a virtual tour by clicking here.

The Excess 14

Excess 14 is the pure expression of Excess DNA. This is the result of the brand's unique industrial design. It is a cruising sailing yacht that is both pleasant and fun, with clean lines and a sleek design.

Available in 3-cabin and 4-cabin versions, find out more here, or take a virtual tour by clicking here .

No matter which model you choose, Excess will always provide you with a double aft helm station so that you can enjoy your family and friends while you manoeuvre. This layout also provides ideal visibility of the sails, the sea and the bow, so you can enjoy a great feeling at the helm. We have specially designed catamarans for you that are as enjoyable to live on as they are to sail!

Find your ideal location here to enjoy the Excess experience this summer!