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A new episode of “Working from my Excess”!

In this new episode of “Working from my Excess”, discover the testimony of Loïc Bonnet, CEO of Dream Yacht Charter. As part of his job, Loïc has to travel very regularly and usually settles on board one of the boats from his charter fleet to get some work done.

On the same theme, you can also find the interview with Marco and Lizzy, two entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, working from their Excess 11. They set off in 2021 to spend a year cruising under sail. They won the ARC in the cruising category, and have been doing lots of sailing since then, either in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, while at the same time, combining their business activities with blue water cruising.

Because more and more of you want to combine sailing and working from home aboard a catamaran, we sought your answers to find out your desires and your apprehensions in this regard. You can find the results of our survey here.

We hope the feedback from all this experience will inspire you and perhaps incite some of you to take the plunge and set off on an adventure. It shows that today it is perfectly possible to explore the world in a catamaran while maintaining your job!