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Everything has been carefully studied to meet the expectations of today’s generations who want a modern, lively, aesthetic boat, a boat suited to new ways of life on the water, a sailboat in step with their lifestyle. For them, we have imagined a world where catamarans are as much fun to live aboard as they are to handle.

We’ve brought together competent and motivated teams, with technical marine know-how and a passion for sailing, successfully creating a brand anchored in its time.

Architectural choices bear the design signature of VPLP, specialists in ocean racing. Increased sail area, a rig stepped forward of the coachroof, and twin helm stations aft for directly connected steering at the rudderblades. Welcome aboard Excess!

Excess catamarans know-how and expertise


At Excess, we seek straightforward and intelligent solutions to provide the necessary comfort and functions on board, all while reducing our environmental impact.

In line with our DNA, we believe that the best way to be out on the water, for us and for the planet, is to be under sail. That's why we want to design cruising catamarans with greater sail area and reduced displacement, capable of sailing in all conditions. The Pulse Line models in our range of catamarans allow you to reduce your use of the engines and to sail even in the lightest of airs.

As for the composite construction, we’re gradually introducing natural fibers such as hemp into the build process of our boats. In 2023, the Beneteau Group will mold more than 30,000 parts using bio-sourced resins as base materials.

In 2021, we launched our first Excess prototype featuring electric propulsion, the Excess 15 “E’Lab”. Our R&D department continues to work on this project in search of reliable, sustainable and affordable solutions. Much is at stake!

We are working off the beaten track to imagine a catamaran capable of accompanying you on your next adventure while respecting our environment. Every day, we look for ways to improve, and that is why we created the Excess Lab: a unique platform on the market that allows us to collect your opinions and contributions. Join us, and together, let's co-construct the catamarans of tomorrow!