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Excess 12 - It's a sensation!

Sail World - by John Curnow

"(Well actually it is more than one…) You know, the father of Excess, Bruno Belmont, always said to me that Excess is all about delivering sailing sensations, with the amenity of a cruising cat. A boat for you to keep enjoying your sailing, and also one that offers family and guests their own cabin, multiple zones for private space, and shallow draft for all those island escapes you’re going to do.

Having just delivered the Excess 12 from Pittwater back to Sydney, I can attest to mission accomplished. You get a sense of the windward hull just lifting, and of course it’s not flying (and never will). You get to look through the optional sunroof to the main, and all its telltales. You’ve got direct connection to the rudders, and the Excess cat will use the wind that’s available, so you’ll be sailing early, especially of course if you go for the optional, taller Pulse Rig. You will definitely also be having a code zero or straight luff screecher. Finally, if you’re seriously contemplating some miles offshore then also a proper asymmetric bag, because if there’s wind, you’ll want to use it."

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